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Using Facebook to Get More Customers

shutterstock_278925056These days, it seems as though everyone has an account on Facebook. You have probably had the enjoyment of seeing likes and shares on your clinic’s Facebook page. However, you may not have thought of how much value there is in making social media an integral part of your veterinary marketing strategy. When you make Facebook’s valuable marketing tools part of your strategy, you’ll be very happy with the results.

Get Insights from Other Pages

Like other, relevant pages as your veterinary practice’s page. Some of the pages you’ll want to like include other non-competitor pages like pet health pages, dog and cat care, and possibly local rescue organizations. Liking other pages not only gives your page better exposure, but also provides you with a wealth of shareable materials.

Respond to Comments Promptly

Your clients and prospective clients are likely to spend time engaging with you on your Facebook page. When you respond to comments fairly quickly, clients will be pleased both with the depth of your knowledge and your willingness to address their questions and concerns. Responding to comments also shows your willingness to address concerns that your visitors may have, and gives you an opportunity to encourage them to call or write you with concerns.

Use an Organized System for Publishing Posts

When you use Facebook as part of a veterinary marketing strategy, it helps to have more than one person maintaining the page, yet using a single voice for better consistency. It also helps to have some structure in how you handle the posts you contribute. For example, you could designate certain days to feature posts for important topics, such as Thursdays for addressing flea and tick prevention.

Let Your Clients and Their Pets Participate

If you feature stories and informative posts with your clients and pets, it will help give you practice a more personalized feel. People who visit your Facebook page will be more likely to show interest in items that feature real photos and stories, rather than stock photos and generic content. Make sure your clients know whom to contact to send in their photos and stories for you to feature.

Remember Your Own Website

As powerful a marketing tool as Facebook is, you’ll want to make sure that you have a fully-featured website with a link to your Facebook page. You’ll be able to engage with pet owners who don’t have Facebook, and provide a greater variety of information. A full veterinary marketing strategy that works will include all of the elements that attract the most traffic.