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Top Questions You Must Ask an SEO Company Before You Hire

shutterstock_336155459SEO is an important part of the marketing universe in today’s market. After all, if you haven’t made friends with the likes of Google and Bing, you’re missing out on potential patients who may never even know you exist.

SEO isn’t as intuitive as it may seem, and there are a lot of moving parts that go into a properly executed plan, which means you’re often best hiring a team of professionals to partner up with you on the search engine side of marketing.

Like everything in life, no two SEO companies are created equally, so we’ve compiled these tips to help you interview your potential marketing partner optimally.

  • Who Are Your Clients? A reputable and established company should be more than happy to hand over a list of glowing success stories that you can browse at your leisure. Although you may get specific details about the analytics, you should be able to gage the success of each company’s campaign.
  • How Will You Improve My Visibility? After you’ve provided a general outline of your company and where you’re at, you’ll meet with prospective marketing companies a few days, weeks, or months later. At this point, they’ve had time to look over your current situation and design a plan to optimize your success. The right company will be willing to discuss specific strategies and the metrics they’ll use to measure the overall outcome.
  • What Do You Understand About the Guidelines? In the world of SEO, guidelines are more than just a mere suggestion; they can mean the difference between a boosted bottom line and being banned from searches all together. It’s not your responsibility to understand the ins and outs 100%, but you should be aware that Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines govern their sites by specific rules that your consultant should be well aware of. If you hire a company that doesn’t adhere to these policies, your company could be in a world of hurt if penalties start piling up. Reputable agencies will understand the importance of full compliance.
  • What Can You Guarantee? It’s important to remember that SEO promises can’t be delivered over night. It takes time to procure a strategy that’s optimally designed to make the search engines happy. That said, it shouldn’t take forever. An indefinite timeline of hoping and waiting won’t produce results. Make sure your potential candidate understands the importance of your business needs, but put up red flags if they guarantee absolute results in a specific window of time. No one can make you Number One over night. However, through a well procured relationship and positive strategizing, you and your marketing team can achieve great results.
  • How Do You Measure Success? Marketing is all about metrics. Make sure you understand what’s measured and how you’ll know it’s successful. Ask lots of questions, and be weary if your questions aren’t welcome.

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