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SEO TIPS for Increasing Traffic

shutterstock_395339128When it comes to SEO, there are many half-truths online. Over the past few years, everyone seems to have become an SEO expert. Therefore, this makes it harder to separate good tips from bad ones. Here are some effective tips for increasing SEO traffic:

Link reclamation

The effectiveness of this technique varies depending on the type of business. For big brands, this strategy alone can bring in thousands of new links with little to no effort. However, you do not need to be a big brand to use it. What does link reclamation entail? In short, it involves finding when others mention you or your business without linking to your website. When you find a mention, get in touch with the person, and ask him/her to link to you.

The best way to stay on top of link reclamation is by monitoring brand mentions using tools such as Mention and BuzzSumo. Once you find a mention, find the relevant contact information, and reach out.

Acquire an existing website

Whenever people think about acquiring an existing website, they assume that they will be spending large amounts of money. However, you can acquire websites for as little as 2,000 dollars. The long-term return on this investment can be huge when it is done properly. The benefits of acquiring an existing site include a site-wide lift in traffic, an influx of new content, bringing all the links the website had, and absorbing its traffic.

Boost underperforming content

A large percentage of your website’s traffic comes from a small portion of the content on your site. Most websites usually have content that ranks highly on search engines. You can find the ‘low-hanging fruit’ – consumers who are the easiest to attract to your business – by using Google Search Console. Simply navigate to ‘Search Analytics’ report to find data on the keywords that bring a lot of traffic. To get the right data, select ‘Impressions’, ‘Position’, and ‘Clicks’ at the top of the page. Once you find keywords that are between positions 10 and 25, you can bump them up to position 1 to increase your traffic drastically.

Competitor link analysis

This strategy involves compiling a list of your competitors and looking at the websites that link to them. You should then look for opportunities where you can acquire similar links. The real value of this strategy is that you will only find opportunities that are hyper-relevant to your business. Use a link analysis tool such as Open Site Explorer to get the backlinks that your competitor uses. Once you find the websites that link to your competitor, you should reach out and find similar opportunities.

What questions is the buyer asking?

All your content needs to resonate with the target audience. Therefore, you should always find out which questions he/she is asking. Using Quora, you can look for the questions that people are asking and answer them when writing content for your website. Answer The Public is another great resource for buyer questions.