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SEO Tips For 2016

Keeping your SEO efforts current is important since Google and other search engines are constantly making adjustments to their search engine algorithms. Following these tips should help your site gain position on search engine results pages, or keep an already top spot.

Keep Your Website Updated

Search engines reward websites that get updated often because there is less of a chance that information found on the site is out of date. Static sites that sit there for months or years can often have incorrect or misleading data, causing problems for your visitors. Even updating your site once a month with a new piece of content, switching up pictures, or adding on to the site will show that you are maintaining an active web presence.

High Quality Backlinks are Keyshutterstock_89300719

The number of backlinks pointing to your site has steadily been declining in importance when it comes to search engine optimization, but backlinks themselves are still important. Social media actions are an example of high quality backlinks in the form of signals, making it very important that you stay on top of your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Being able to get a backlink from a large website would also help with your SEO efforts, though it can sometimes be difficult to do this. One way to get these types of backlinks is to offer up a piece of content (editorial, review, opinion) about something in your industry and offer it up as a guest post to an authority site in your niche. Websites usually pay good money for content, making it likely that a well-written piece would be posted on their site for the price of an in-content backlink.

Update Your SEO Plugins

You should be checking your SEO plugins for updates at least every month. Some content management systems, such as WordPress, will alert you as soon as an update is available. Installing these updates usually only takes a few seconds, and they may contain new features that can help your search engine ranking positions, or at least help keep your website secure with a security patch.

Create Content Relevant to Today’s Consumers

Content that is interesting to read is important to keep your visitors engaged on your website. For Google, the average duration of visitors on your page is a metric they use to determine where in the SERPs your site will rank. The longer they stay on your site, the more likely it is they found your page to be relevant to their search, making it more likely you will see a jump in your keyword positions. In order to keep these visitors interested in your site, you may want content that discusses current events, especially if you can tie it into your business and how you can be of service to them.