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Every digital marketing expert knows the best way to achieve instant first page visibility on Google & Bing is to invest in a Pay-Per-Click Advertising campaign with Veterinary Marketing Gurus.  Adwords certified, our PPC team has managed millions in advertising dollars for clients across the country.  Our experts conduct intensive industry research to create your campaign, optimizing your existing adgroups and keywords.  At Veterinary Marketing Gurus, we carefully craft ad text designed to increase traffic and conversions.


SEM or Search Engine Marketing refers to paid advertising on search engines utilizing Google Adwords for the Bing & Yahoo ad network. Often a more efficient and effective solution than organic search engine optimization, SEM is designed to create immediate online visibility for proven keywords. With a properly tracked and optimized PPC campaign, PPC Advertising on Google & Bing generates traffic and conversions for your business. At Veterinary Marketing Gurus, our SEM experts use valuable keyword data to direct your campaign toward success.

instant visibility and traffic

home-partnerIs your company about to launch a new website or looking for faster results than what SEO can deliver? It is true that search engine optimization or SEO offers the best results over the long term, PPC is the perfect solution for businesses to obtain nearly instant results. Providing quick visibility and an immediate increase in web traffic for important keywords, Pay-per-click ads by Veterinary Marketing Gurus provides results for all clients without the time and financial investment of search engine optimization.

At Veterinary Marketing Gurus, our experts are Adwords certified and have the resources to leverage the most out of your PPC campaign. From comprehensive keyword research to click fraud management, our experts will strategically analyze every aspect of your Google AdWords campaign, setting realistic goals and maximizing the effectiveness of your PPC marketing goals.