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4 Elements of Modern Web Design

shutterstock_173732336 (2)Looking to build the perfect website for your veterinary hospital? By using a few modern design elements, you can help your site stand out from the pack while both wowing and informing visitors. As a medical service for pets and their families, you don’t need to go over the top with outlandish designs as someone in an art and design field might go for. However, with a series of strong, professional, Web design elements included in your website, you’ll have a beautiful, custom site your entire office can stand behind.

Limit Color

You need to decide on a color palette and stick with it throughout the entire design process. Modern Web design (and computer design in general) is flat and color limited. If you look at your computer desktop icons and mobile application images, you’ve probably noticed these images have gone from 3D rendered and heavily shadow cast to flat icons with only a few colors. This is how you need to design your site. Use three colors at most per page to give your website a clean look. Using too many colors may come across as visually distracting.

White Space

This doesn’t mean you need to leave your website with a white background or anything like that. In Web design, white space refers to the margins, or empty space, around your website. This goes hand in hand with the limited color palette. You want a clean, refreshing look that makes it easier for visitors to check out the content you offered on your vet page. Google became the top search engine on the planet and the most used site as well thanks to this practice. It also helps with your page load speed, which in turn helps boost your search engine rankings. A clean look does your site wonders.


The art of text, typography can help your vet website stand out. Don’t just go with the standard font used on the website. While you want clean text, you can also go with a unique, original text. There are plenty of free texts you can use via download off of the Internet (after you download the text, simply open up the “Font” folder on your computer and drag the new text into this folder so it appears in your design programs). This helps reflect the new, fresh look you want to bring to your website. Everyone has seen the same old Arial or Times New Roman fonts a million times over. This new look text just brings that touch of creativity to your page. Also, don’t be afraid to go big with the text. Big titles and headers are in.

Consider the Background

On the landing page you have a few options. You can go with a white background. It is clean and fresh. You can also go with a background video. This is proving especially popular. It connects with the visitor faster, and having moving animals against a white or limited color backdrop just adds to your design.